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Coach Me & More’s motto is authenticity, passion, professionalism, and development. Together with the customer, we plan the assignments so that what we do is accurate and relevant for all the participants and gives a long-lasting result. The goal is to provide perspective, new insights, and concrete tools to use both at work and in our private life.

According to a survey conducted by Gallup in 2020, these were the effects of coaching according to people who participated: 66% increase in well-being, 81% reduction in absences, 41% fewer quality defects, 23% increase in profitability. Customer loyalty and productivity also improved.


ICF (International Coaching Federation) defines coaching as partnering with a client in a thoughtful and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The coach works with the starting point that the client is an expert in his or her own life and work. As such, the coach therefore asks questions instead of giving advice.

Coaching is used to find solutions to problems and make what is already good even better. With the help of coaching, you get to know yourself better by becoming aware of your own values and talents. Coaching gives you time for reflection and to think clearly. Coaching takes you towards your desired future goal and helps you release your full potential.

Coaching can be done either via individual meetings on site, online or by telephone. A coaching session usually takes 60 minutes, and you as the client decide what you wish to be coached about. As a coach, I actively listen and ask questions that help you gain perspective and find your own solutions. The coach’s role is to help you stay on the right course to reach the goal you set for the coaching. You yourself work on your goal and take the steps needed for reaching your goal. And you will reach your goal if you are ready to work for it!

Coaching is an investment in both time and money, but it is also an investment in the personal development of employees – both at work and privately. This is part of the magic and effect of coaching – coaching results in development if the person being coached is ready and willing to be coached. What that development is depends on the person and the situation. Coaching starts now, in this moment, and aims to reach the goal set for the coaching. The journey is your own and personal as we all are different and unique as people.

According to a survey conducted by International Coaching Federation, these are the most common effects, and clearly also the benefits of coaching, in organizations:

  1. Improved communication skills
  2. Better self-esteem and increased self-awareness
  3. Increased productivity
  4. Optimized individual and team performance
  5. Better work-life balance

I’m a licensed leadership coach and Associate Certified Partner within EuroAcademy. I offer the Dynamic Management program for leaders and future leaders as well as the You Dynamic program, which is suitable for anyone who wants to get to know themselves better and develop.

For organizations, I offer 3–12-month individual coaching subscriptions as well as tailored team coaching plans. The coaching can be combined with EASI or SDI mapping, the two assessmenttools for which I am a certified trainer.

I coach in Swedish, Finnish, and English. All coaching is offered on site, online or by phone.

The modern working life is here – to stay. We all have a responsibility to find our best ways to work together and lead ourselves in the daily work. Every organization is unique and requires everyone to find their own way of working, discuss solutions and deliver according to set goals.

Agile working methods and a coaching leader, who is present and gives room for discussion, are qualities, which lead to development in organizations and among individuals. These are also the qualities which make up the groundwork for building a psychologically safe environment that favors development and growth and results in well-functioning teams.


We are all leaders, and some of us are also leaders of others. Being a leader is not always easy, there is a lot of truth in the expression that being a leader is like constantly being between a rock and a hard place. As a leader we can sometimes feel lonely and in those moments, it can be good to have the support of others, for example a coach.

We can probably never have too many tools in our toolbox, and like knives, we need to sharpen our leadership skills regularly. You get the most out of leadership training by combining it with individual coaching. If we stop to reflect, the things we have learned sink in the best way. Leadership is something we must earn every day. It is also a fresh product that requires time, reflection, and curiosity to both be earned and kept up to date.


Leadership is all about people. It is not about organizations. It is not about plans. It is not about strategies. It is all about people-motivating people to get the job done. You have to be people-centered.

/Colin Powell

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

/Phil Jackson


This quote by Phil Jackson describes what teams and teamwork are all about – our differences are our common strength. To realize this and to be able to use our differences in the best way in our daily work, we need time to get to know each other. We need to discuss with each other to find the best solutions and talk to each other about how we work and communicate together. This is how we reach Simon Sinek’s definition of what a team is – a team is not a group of people who work together, a team is a group of people who trust each other.

I coach teams and facilitate workshops on site and online. I tailor the agenda, theme, and focus areas together with you as a customer, all so that the effects of the coaching will land deep and can be seen in your daily joint work for a long time.

Recently I have held team workshops within these topics:

About me

I’m a positive person and I focus on possibilities, both when it comes to people and situations. I combine my ability to communicate directly and honestly with a focus on people. I’m driven by my work with business and organizational development. I find development of services, products, and processes intriguing.

My previous experience

Since 2006, I have worked with leadership, in hybrid organizations and with business development. Agile working methods and an agile mindset have been part of my way of working, leading, and running my company since 2009. I am driven by developing organizations and business, this with a focus on building functioning teams and strengthening the individual. I have a Masters Degree in Economics and I am ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC). During my 20 years in the working life, I have worked as a head of department, a team leader, and a trainer. My work has focused on customer service and operational management. In 2018 I started my own company Coach Me & More.

More about me

Culinary experiences bring me joy and I like to invite my family and friends over for dinner. I spent my childhood summers on an island with a lighthouse – this is why I have a lighthouse in my logo. I grew up in a family of fishermen and the closeness to the ocean has always been important to me. It’s a place where I find calm and a sense of freedom. Ever since I was young, I have loved reading books and still to this day I read almost daily.

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